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Are You OK?

I want to celebrate good things that I see and today I saw something that looked like it was good to me. I want to celebrate it and remember it especially with the “climate” in which we live these days. You hear about how there is a huge division in this country between people and how they line up on political lines, face the enemy across the aisle from them, and attack. Trench warfare similar to World War I.

Anyway-back to the reason I am celebrating today. I was driving from Bennington, VT to Halfmoon, NY, a trip of about an hour and there is no direct way to get there. The trip can be made taking main roads but today I decided to take a different route which brought me over some winding two-lane country roads. The weather was not great with a steady rain that was in the process of transitioning through sleet to eventually snow. I was driving behind a pick-up truck. The pick-up truck had hunting stickers on the back window and if we follow the stereotype through, the driver may have

had a MAGA hat either on his head or on the dashboard.

I was following him for a few miles through the twists and turns of eastern Rensselaer County when we came upon a car on the side of the road with its hazards going. The car was a small foreign model with Massachusetts plates and no driver inside. We had to slow down to get around the car and it was then I noticed what must have been the driver a couple hundred yards up the road and walking back towards the car. The driver had no hat and a jacket that looked like it was not doing much against the driving rain. The pick-up truck slowed down and came to a stop next to the driver. They had a 20 or 30 second conversation that I assume came down to-Do you need help? Are you OK? Is help on the way? After the conversation the pick-up truck drove away and the driver of the abandoned car continued to walk back towards the car and gave me a big wave as I passed.

At first glance this seems like a good cause to celebrate-fellow driver stops to make sure abandoned car driver is OK. But that happens quite often out in the country. What gave this even more of a reason for celebration was the fact that the abandoned car driver was a dark skinned man who may or may not have been from this country. If I had to guess from his mannerisms, I would say he was not native to this country. The fact that a pick-up driving, possibly MAGA hat wearing person slowed down in the pouring rain to make sure that a dark-skinned possibly non-native person was OK and that he was going to be able to get out of his predicament was a huge cause for celebration! I think that if we all get back to the basics of being a human and connecting with other humans, this “climate” that is talked about on all platforms of the media will cease to exist. I also think that if we ignore those same media platforms and do what we know is right, we will not be suckered into believing that the world is going to hell in a bucket.

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