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Stop Eating Sugar

How do I stop eating sugar? STOP EATING SUGAR! It sounds simple-Right? Just don’t eat sugar. I still struggle to try and moderate my sugar intake on a day to day basis and this time of year certainly doesn’t help. I think the candy companies have doubled down on their efforts to sell us their Kit-Kats and Twix bars with Halloween maybe or maybe not happening this year.

I have tried to break down my physical health into three pillars. Eat, Move, Sleep. I read a book one time of the same name and it did a great job of simplifying our health into those three categories. I feel like I have been holding my own in the move and the sleep parts. I am putting effort into improving the eat part but I seem to have a bowl of ice cream in front of me more nights than not.

I was listening to a podcast recently about this subject and the guest was sharing some details about refined sugar and the chemicals that are put into our food to make them more addicting. She compared the food giants to Big Tobacco. So now I have to worry about Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Alcohol-and now Big Grocery? Am I that important that all of these industries need me to buy their products so I can keep them in business? I guess it is not just me but the whole group of us that these industries need to keep them going.

So now I am starting another day with the best of intentions. I am going to make sure that I pay attention to what I am eating. I am going to substitute fruit for Peanut M&Ms this afternoon when I get that craving for something sweet. I am going to find something to do after dinner that does not involve a huge bowl of Peanut Butter Pandemonium ice cream with sprinkles and whipped cream. I feel good about this. Today is the first day of the rest of my sugar-free life! It is a Sunday morning and I am feeling good but I can smell the King’s Donuts from here and we usually get a dozen or so every Sunday. Maybe I will start tomorrow...

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