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Bike Swap

Remember when we traded bikes?

Your Schwinn for my Huffy

I rode my bike home from your house

The seat felt higher

The handlebars were wider

And your tires made a different noise on the asphalt

I was so excited when I ran in the backdoor of my house

To tell my Mom we traded bikes

She sort of frowned over the pot of sauce

And told me to talk to my father

Who was changing out of his banker clothes

He came into the kitchen

And his face dropped behind his glasses

When I told him about the trade

I had to call your house

Using our rotary dial phone

With the 20 foot coil cord

And let you know what my father said

It turns out your father said the same thing

So I rode back to your house

In the dusk of June

We traded back and I headed home

I was feeling OK

Because my bike’s seat was the right height

The handlebars were not too wide

And the tires rolled along the asphalt

With just the right hum

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