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Blue Jay Breakfast

I took a swim in the pool this morning after my walk. After swimming around a bit I sat in the shallow end and looked up at the clouds. There was a lower mist-like cloud and then the higher clouds reflecting the rising sun.

I noticed some birds flying high in the sky, I've seen them before but I have not been able to positively identify them. I think they are a swallow of some type.

I also watched a blue jay hunt (doesn't seem right for a bird like a blue jay) and bounce from the top of the fence, to the fire pit, to the hydrangea bush, to the ground. While I was watching the blue jay I heard a robin call out on the other side of the yard. I didn't turn to look but I imagined him sitting on the fence by the big hydrangea bush in the back corner of the yard.

As I sat in the pool I thought how lucky I am to be in this place. It looks like a place that I would like to spend time if I lived in a city where it was dirty and hot in the summer. Or if I was a blue jay on the hunt.

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