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Egg Sandwich Recipe

Recently I was making a sandwich in the kitchen. It was an egg sandwich and I like to have my scrambled egg with cheese and hot sauce on wheat bread. I have a process in making the sandwich and when I follow the process it looks like this-

· Put one or two (depending on how I feel) piece(s) of wheat toast in the toaster

· Crack the egg in a small bowl

· Whisk the egg with a fork and put it in the microwave for 58 seconds (not a minute-58 seconds)

· Slice three pieces of cheese for the sandwich

My goal and the reason for doing it in this order with these specific instructions is so that I can try and get all things to finish at exactly the same time. Perfection would be having the toaster pop as the microwave is beeping its ending cry and the last piece of cheese is sliced. I would then have everything ready at the same time and the rest of my day would follow this same pattern of perfection.

On this recent day while I was starting to slice the cheese I had a good feeling about my timing. I could not remember the last time that I had all things finish at the same time. I glanced at the microwave and it said 28 seconds. The toaster felt like it had about 30 seconds left. As I finished putting the knife through the last slice of cheese the toaster popped and the microwave dinged! I’m not sure if the microwave and toaster went off at the exact millisecond but if not, it was closer than paint on a fence.

I smiled to myself and I think I may have even laughed at myself because of how excited I was. I felt like the stars were aligning in my favor and the universe was on my side for the day. At the very least I started my day off by having a bit of a laugh and having some of those natural feel-good chemicals released into my body to jumpstart my energy.

The rest of my day went along like normal, no major highlights or lowlights. Perhaps the highlight of my day was having the toaster pop and the microwave go off at the same time. I consider that a win and a reminder to myself that sometimes a small thing in life can be a reason to be grateful and a reason to smile.

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