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I Quit

I quit.

There is something about those two words together that brings up thoughts of failure. Why? Is it because I have been taught to never be a quitter?

“Quitters never win, and winners never quit.”

Maybe it is OK to quit. I quit drinking alcohol 18 months ago and I have never felt so free.

I am trying to quit the sugar, that has proven a little bit tricky. I just ate a bunch of peanut M&Ms. That was not helpful on my attempt to stay on the sugar-free path.

Maybe I need to quit more things. If something is a big obstacle in my life and I can identify it as a dam, what if I quit it to open the dam?

I read a book called The Obstacle Is the Way. It talks about going through obstacles to gain strength and wisdom from the fight through. I liked the book. I took a lot of what the author said and tried to apply it to my life. If that obstacle is in the way of my goal or if the obstacle is something I need to get through to get to the prize, then I must go through it.

What if the obstacle is something that is just there? If it is something that is just in my way and there is nothing of value on the other side of it for me, then why do I need to go through it? If I just quit, will that open my life to take on other challenges?

Maybe the other challenge will stretch me. Maybe that challenge is just what I need at this point in my life.

If so, I am up for that challenge. I am up for the challenge of figuring out how I am going to grow through that obstacle.

Because I just quit something that gives my world much more space.

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