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Lonely Leaf

I watched a leaf roll across the lawn this afternoon. I looked out the window and watched the lonely leave ride along the ground on the November breeze. I’m not sure why that leaf was granted the freedom to go while all of its friends remained stuck to the ground. It must have something to do with its good behavior or good report card.

It got me thinking about the weather this time of year. A month ago I never thought the leaves would stop falling and I would never stop raking. As soon as I cleared the lawn of leaves and looked at how nice it looked, another leaf would fall. Then the wind would blow and hundreds of leaves would fall. I would be back at the raking again a couple of days later and I would continue my dance with the leaves.

Eventually the leaves would all be off the trees and I would kind of miss them. They would be in piles in front of the house or be taken away by the Village DPW and we would say good bye for the winter. I would look at the trees and notice how bare the branches looked. The sky in November has a different look to it when you are looking through branches that just a few weeks ago were full of oak, maple, or birch leaves.

Somehow the grass seems greener after all the leaves have been cleared. Maybe it is that feeling of looking at something like a kitchen counter full of dirty dishes and then looking back at it when they are in the dishwasher or drying in the rack. Things just look cleaner when all the dirty dishes or leaves have been put away.

The greener grass and the lonely brown leaves have always reminded me that this is Thanksgiving time of year. Soon enough we will have snow on the ground and the brown leaves will take a nap until I see them again in the spring. I hope the snow insulates them against the winter. I hope they remember to give me a wave when they roll across the not so green lawn next spring.

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