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Plattsburgh Skyline

I am sitting in a hotel room in Plattsburgh, NY and looking out the window. I am on the second floor so I have a view that is a little higher than ground level. I am looking out across a commercial stretch of the Plattsburgh "skyline" and looking at the low clouds. October's weather patterns are always something that I really enjoy. You can get the stunning deep blue sky and warm temps or you can get the type of storm that blows through this time of year with heavy rain and heavy wind, the kind that alerts you to the fact that we are turning the corner towards winter.

As I look at the low clouds and the way that they sit above the horizon, I am warmed. I feel like I can reach out and touch the farthest clouds away as I look South. I feel like they are enveloping me in this safe spot. They are signaling to me that things are good and things will be good. They are saying that we have your back. The ones at the farthest part of the horizon are my forward scouts. They are reporting back to me and telling me, "No need to look too far in the future and start worrying about that. We have seen the future and things are good. We will continue to clear the path for you and make sure that you will have the strength you need to continue your journey."

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