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Welcome! I just set up my author website and am excited for the first post at the site. I just self-published Back to The Front Porch and here is the website where I will be posting thoughts along the way. As I write this today my plan is to post thoughts, journal entries, chapters to upcoming books, etc. to the site. That may change as we move down this path together. I hope to hear from some of you and plan to keep you updated on any things connected to my book here at this site. If there are things you would like to hear more about, I would be interested if you shared your ideas. I see this site evolving as I evolve and as the world evolves around us. This is all new to me so I expect some of the things that I am shooting for today may change as we move forward and I find that exciting. I am happy to be starting this journey and look forward to traveling down this path with you.

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