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Welcome to Jim Sweet's author page.  It is here where thoughts, ideas and life will be shared. We will talk about the advice I am giving to myself to live my best life.  Some of these things include my gratitude practice, meditation, and creative journal ideas. Explore my site and all that shows up here and perhaps you will start to live your best life as well.

Jim Sweet was born in Boston, MA and lived in New England for the first 32 years of his life before relocating to Southern Washington County, NY in 2004.  He enjoys spending time outside with his wife, two teenagers and his dog.  He works hard to follow his own advice and keep his mind, body and spirit at the top of their games.  

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Back To The Front Porch 

Is your world vying for your attention all the time? Are you feeling anxious and find it hard to relax? You're not alone, but you can practice century-old methods to calm down, relax, and take back your life. Try it!

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"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”

- Seneca


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