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Having A Laugh

I’m laughing right now. I am laughing because I just turned on my computer to write and I keep getting popups on my screen. These popups are programs that have to run and just when I think I am safe to start writing or start plugging in a website, another popup comes. These come every time I turn on my computer so why am I surprised? Sometimes I get annoyed if I feel in a rush but this morning I am just going to sit back and have a laugh about it.

It would be funny if someone could make a video of me sitting down at my kitchen table getting ready to write. I would lean over the keyboard and put my fingers on the letters and just about start to peck away when another program runs as if to say “NOT YET!” I then lean back and watch the program run-Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Teams, some program that keeps flashing up rectangular black boxes. You think I would learn by now but I don’t.

Maybe my new strategy should be to have some patience. Can I sit here, turn the computer on, and let these programs run before I start writing? Should I look out the window and see what the squirrels are doing this morning? Maybe I can listen to my dog working on her new bone. What other sounds are in the kitchen right now that I may be missing if I was punching away at my keyboard.

I could also sit here and think. Or listen to the thoughts that are building up in my head. They are not all bad. Once I get past the thought about “When are these programs going to finish so I can start?”, I think about how good my cup of coffee is going to taste. I think about what the weather is supposed to be like today-very nice. I allow myself to think about a good thing from yesterday-sitting around a fire in the backyard in the late afternoon sun.

Eventually the programs run and I have full access to my computer. Right now I am happy that the programs ran because it gave me a minute to sit and think. It gave me the opportunity to have a laugh at myself. It helped me slow down and get my morning off on the right foot and reminded me how important it is to start the day in a relaxed mindset.

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