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Kelly Sunshine

Yesterday morning I was feeling quite grumpy when I woke up. I think it had something to do with not enough sleep, darkness outside the window and getting back into the swing of work after three days off. I was not digging it and not looking forward to the day.

My daughter Kelly came downstairs to have breakfast and start getting ready for school. While she was fixing her breakfast she said, "I'm not sure why but I am really looking forward to today!" She said it in such a bright and cheery way with the perfect smile on her face that I couldn't help but have my attitude adjusted right then and there. Once she said that I could feel my whole mood brighten and I could feel my day get better.

I decided to take some time to sit and visit with the kids while they were having breakfast and getting ready for school. I left for work about 30 minutes later than normal. It was a wonderful way to spend those thirty minutes because we all got a dose of positive reinforcement before we went out the door and started our Monday.

When I got home last night I let Kelly know how much her sunny attitude affected my morning and how she completely changed my mood with her presence. This was a great reminder about the energy we all send out into the world. Others will play off and react to that energy. We need to remember that goes for both a positive as well as a negative vibe. I need to keep that in mind and seek out the people that have some positivity that I can tap into when I am feeling a little bit down.

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