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The Glow of Karma

Karma came back to me. Or if it didn’t come back, I sent it out.

I was on my way home from work, and I came to a tricky traffic light. It is a one way-light going under a railroad bridge and the traffic runs from both sides. As I sat in line at the red light, I let someone into the line and then they went in front of me under the bridge. When I let them go, I think they were happy. They gave me a big wave.

When they came upon the opportunity to let someone else go, they did the same. My good karma flowed through them and into the car that they let go ahead.

That car turned left against us and as I watched him drive by in his white pickup truck, I could almost see the good karma floating in his back seat. He was taking that karma with him down the street.

I’m not sure where he went next but that karma followed him, and I think he must have passed some of it on.

Does karma look like a glowing ball that we keep and then can take a piece and hand it off? How long does it take until the glow wears off and we are back to cutting people off in traffic?

What if we could keep that glow going all the time? The glow that is kept by kindness. If we do a kind act, the glow strengthens. If we miss out on the opportunity for kindness, the glow reduces and eventually can extinguish like a candle’s flame.

I didn’t have another opportunity for kindness the rest of the way home. I didn’t think about my glow of karma, and I think if I looked out at my car right now, it would be completely out.

That’s OK. I think I have found the secret of good karma. If I keep looking for good acts, I can keep that glow alive.

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