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The Universe Speaks

The Universe is working for me today. I was listening to a podcast while walking through Cambridge this morning. It was a podcast called The Model Health Show and is hosted by Shawn Stevenson. I like the host because of his cadence in speaking to many things health including the mind and spiritualty. His guest was a guy called Light Watkins who is a meditation teacher, teaches mindfulness, and is an overall spiritual guy. They were talking about how to listen to the Universe and take notice when the Universe sends you signs or clues that you are on the right path


When the podcast ended and I wanted to check out Light Watkins’ podcast so I stopped and looked him up on my podcast app. I found his podcast and started to download the most recent episode. I started walking again waiting for the podcast to start but realized that it wasn’t downloading because I was in an area with very little cell reception. I figured I would finish out the second half of my walk just listening to the sounds around me.

As soon as I thought that, I heard a noise in the woods on the other side of the street. It was muffled at first and it didn’t really sound like much. Then I heard it again. A little louder this time. And then again, the sound was coming into a little better focus. It was the call of an owl. It was getting louder now and I could clearly make out the sound of a Barred Owl. I was so excited.

I continued my walk and was able to hear the owl calling for the next five or so minutes. This was the second time in a week that I heard an owl calling. The first time was in the woods on the hill behind my house and this time on the other side of town. The first time was a dusk and this time at dawn.

I felt the Universe speaking to me. Had the podcast downloaded I would not have heard the owl. I would not have felt a jolt of energy that added a little hop to my step. I’m not sure yet what the message is that was sent by the owl but I am going to be on the lookout today for any other notice that comes to me today.

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