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What's The Name of That Flower?

I’m noticing more flowers. I am looking at the peonies in my front yard. It is the time of year for the iris to be in bloom and I am locating them whenever I can. I have watched the lilacs come and go. Next on my list of favorites are the hydrangeas.

There is a pattern to the spring and summer that I enjoy taking in. There is a pattern to the autumn and winter as well. I guess I will write about that in November during that.

There must be reasons why native cultures all over the world have written about the pattern of nature. It gives us a sense of grounding. I know that the lilacs will be blooming in mid-May, followed by the peonies, followed by the hydrangeas. In the fall I know that the maple trees will start to turn their brilliant colors followed by the rest of the trees. The ground will be covered in leaves by the time mid-October rolls around.

Somehow our minds like that pattern. The native cultures knew that and kept it going to keep themselves going. I am using it to keep myself going and keep myself grounded with the nature.

The sun has been powerful for me as well. I am happy to have the time to sit in the sun and I am happy to have the sun on my face early in the morning. Those things contribute to me getting my vitamin D and contribute to me getting my mental health honed in.

I was listening to a podcast this morning and the host talked about how winning is different. There is nothing normal about winning. The people who are winners are the ones who are different. They broke away from the pack and the pack does not like that. The pack is trying to pull you back down into the lobster pot. Those other lobsters do not want you to be out there. They want you to be back I the pot.

If I can find these little tricks to use that will enable me to become more of a mindful person, then that will be a good thing. If I can take those tricks and get them to raise me out of the lobster pot then I am going to be able to be different and not normal. Some people talk about that fact that I am not normal.

That is OK.

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